4 Ways to Make Your Sleepover a Success

Having a sleepover can be one of the most exciting experiences in childhood. Whether you want to use sleeping bags or rollaway bed rentals, here are some fun ideas on how to make your night a success.

1.    Have a Theme

A sleepover can be a full thrown party. Get a little crazy with it. Find some wacky props and take silly pictures. Some themes you might consider could be:

·    Crazy hair day

·    Western night

·    A tea party

·    Favorite superheroes

·    Backwards day

·    Favorite movie stars

Whatever your theme, you want to keep it simple enough so your friends don’t have to spend a lot of money on their costumes.

2.    Make your guest list

Ask your parents the maximum amount of people you’re allowed to have over. Most sleepovers have between 2-8 guests. You want to make sure everyone gets along and likes the same things.

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If you know someone who is shy, why not reach out and be a friend? Invite them over and you’ll be doing a good deed, and having a lot of fun in the process.

3.    Get your supplies

You’re definitely going to need to figure out refreshments and games. Whether you want pizza and soda, or cake and ice cream, make sure you talk with your parents about budget and figure it all out.

Ask your friends if they have any allergies, too. All your games and movies should be out and ready to go by the time your guests arrive.

4.    No siblings allowed

Unless you’re lucky enough to have the coolest siblings in the world, you want to have a plan for them to leave you and your guests alone for the night. Ask them nicely though, and offer to do the same when they have their own sleepovers.